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During each consultation we discuss your ideal garment and give feedback based on our expertise. We start with your personal style and make suggestions in order to enhance what your ideal look will be. Looking at what is currently in your closet, your style, and ideal budget, helps us to deliver a one of a kind experience tailored to you. 

Let's discuss your ideal garment


Styling is the fun part, we work closely with you in order to add our personal touch to your ideal garment. We look at cloth, buttons, lining, and shirting in order to deliver a suit guaranteed to make you look amazing. 

Now for the fun part

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We take 27 measurements to make sure to accurately capture the information needed to produce a garment made specific to any body type. We like to refresh these measurements twice a year in order to maintain accuracy. For professional athletes or individuals who fluctuate in weight we will update measurements more frequently. 

The perfect fit for you


Once we have your cloth, styling, and measurements on file we can begin the production of your garment. We promise six  weeks for both Black label and Red label garments. 

We will receive your garment in six weeks

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After six weeks we will receive your garment and call you for a fitting, if we need to make alterations we cover the cost and make the necessary changes to your pattern.

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