Troy Anthony is the fruit of over a decade of clothing experience in various aspects of the industry. We keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to style, fit, and trends by visiting different

parts of the world and bringing that knowledge home for our clients. 

We align ourselves with the best makers of clothing in order to deliver the best product on the market at a competitive price. With our luxurious cloth offerings we

deliver garments and an experience tailored to your style and taste. We pride ourselves in our expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail. 




Troy Anthony’s love for clothing originated when he watched the Great Gatsby as a child with his mother.  The attention to the stylistic detail was Troy’s biggest takeaway from the iconic film.


Troy followed his passion and moved to Los Angeles from Detroit.  He was fortunate enough to align himself with the top tailored clothing stores on the West coast.


Troy discovered that his personal style, as well as the attention to detail and innovation he became enamored with, was at the heart of one location: Italy.

His first experience with the Italian lifestyle, mills, and art of tailoring cemented his future.


With over a decade of experience, Troy has focused his attention on the entirety of the industry; from the milling of cloth, to the composition of the finished garment.   He mastered the minimalistic details, such as shoulder structure and pattern matching, which make Italian clothing superior.


The Troy Anthony brand was born, with the same intensity, passion, and precision that has produced some of the most reputable fashion houses in the world.